"Richard Move's channeling of the modern dance diva is too brilliant for words."
Time Out New York
"A clever, disarming dance tribute to Martha Graham."
The New York Times
"Move's performance is one for the ages."
New York Magazine
"Move is a captivating performer, much as Graham was... a rare chance to encounter the Graham legend in a theatrical setting, which is where it belongs."
The San Diego Union Tribune
"I've seen quite a few people who imitate Martha... but it was never the essence of Martha, you know?
...Martha is a cult figure, of course. Richard reflects her thoughts so brilliantly and precisely. It's amusing,
it's very clever and it's well-danced. It's to the point."
Mikhail Baryshnikov in Time Out New York
"Martha Graham Reincarnated."
The Philadelphia Enquirer
"The wonderful thing about Richard’s performance as Martha is that it totally transcends the genre…although there is great comedy in it, he’s actually doing something else: It’s a serious and intellectual exercise.”
Director Stephen Daldry in The New York Times
"Richard Move brings Martha Graham back to life."
The Los Angeles Times
"With fine comic timing and unwavering concentration, Mr. Move is a terrific actor..."
The New York Times
"Move has come up with an evening that shows what theatre, at it's best, can do. It is entertaining, original
and thought-provoking. And by juxtaposing genuine Martha wisdom alongside todays creative talents he
provides a context both for Graham's innovation and the developments she indirectly inspired."
The Daily Telegraph, London
"...downtown's hot ticket."
The New Yorker
"Vocally immaculate, (Move) is Graham, and a perfect repository of all her glamour and camp genius."
"Hilarious and technically perfect."
VOGUE Magazine
"...Move has turned a personal artistic obsession into one of the New York dance scene's most delicious
success stories."
The London Times
" Richard Move is a genius. He's more Martha Graham than Martha Graham was."
Mark Morris in Time Out New York
"Sophisticated, dead on, letter perfect parody. A dandy education in modern dance."
The Village Voice


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